Optimus GPRS MMS 3G Settings Portugal Iphone Nokia Android

Optimus GPRS MMS WAP Settings Portugal

Automatic GPRS / MMS Settings:

You can configure GPRS/MMS settings automatically by sending a SMS to the number 16930, with one of the following text
For MMS settings : mms
Eg:  send < mms >  to <16930>
For Mobile Internet : zone
Eg:  send < zone > to <16930>
If the phone is not compatible with automatic configuration, you can try performing the manual configuration using the following details .

Manual GPRS/ Internet Settings:

Connection name : Optimus GPRS
Data bearer : Packet Data
Access Point Name : umts
Username : Blank
Prompt Password : No
Password : Blank
Authentication : Normal

Optimus Portal Configuration:

Connection name: Optimus Zone
Data bearer: Packet data
Access point name: umts
Username: Blank
Prompt Password: No
Password: Blank
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: http://portal.optimus.pt
Advanced Settings:
Network type: IPv4
Name servers: Automatic
Proxy serv:
Proxy port number: 8799

Manual MMS Settings:

Connection Name: Optimus MMS
Data bearer: Packet data
Access point name (APN) : umts
Username : Blank
Prompt Password : No
Password : Blank
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: http://mmsc:10021/mmsc
Proxy Server IP :
Proxy Port : 8799

Email Configuration:

APN : umts
SMPT Server : smtp.mail.optimus.pt
UserName / Password enter your info

Mailbox Type : POP3 or IMAP4



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