How to Remove blogger navbar using CSS | Hide Blogger Top Admin menu in the Latest Template

How to Remove blogger Navbar  | Disable or Hide blogger navigation, Next Blog bar using CSS

To remove navbar from blogger Bloodsport can use the following three simple steps

Procedure 1: 

* Go to -> Layout -> (Edit) Navbar ( Top Right) -> Select Off -> Save


Procedure 2:

Disabling Navbar by CSS.
1. Go to Blogger Admin Interface -> Template -> Click on Customize 
    This will open the Blogger Template Designer

2. In the Blogger Template Designer go to -> Advance -> Add CSS
    This will open the Add Custom CSS field

3. In the Add custom CSS field just Paste the following code and click on Apply to blog.
#navbar-iframe {
   display: none !important;

Now you can see that the Blogger Navbar is removed form your blog.

Video Tutorial:



  1. Yes it's working.
    But why you don't use it?
    After some time google see it and block this or what?

    1. Because according to the term and condition of, you’re not allowed to remove or disable the navbar from your blogspot template unless you host your blog under your own server.

  2. Replies
    1. I used it 5 months, all it's great.

    2. Thn No problem.. I am using this for my other blogs...

    3. To reduce the height, you can use this code:

      #navbar {
      height: 0px;
      visibility: hidden;
      display: none;

  3. As its not going to support tags in comments I have spelled out the code:
    Add this code above body tag: less than symbol exclamation mark dash dash less than symbol body greater than symbol dash dash greater than symbol

    Save template, delete widget and you are done.

  4. superb awesome!!! Thank you very much

  5. didn't work
    all that happens is that the line of code is showing above the navbar

  6. great working, thank you so much.

  7. I am using it on my other sites...No problem.:)

  8. ok, so I deleted it so my students couldn't go to next possibly inappropriate blog, but now how do I get back to change my design? As in, how do I edit the page and not just the gadgets if I want to??

  9. Ha! in the light of a new day, I found out how to get to what I need. Thanks, because now I am very happy with the code for deleting the "next Blog"!

  10. Thanks it works....

  11. ya great it is working but my blog was slow after add css

  12. I ve read somewhere google doesn't recommend to hide any texts & links on page and can penalize for this !!!

  13. Now Google Has Allowed To remove navbar.This Can be done, just by doing this-
    Layout->Navbar(Click on edit)->Scroll Down->Click On Off"
    And the navbar will be diabled