Airtel Broadband Wireless (WiFi) Modem Configuration for Beetel and Binatone | Reset Password

Airtel broadband Wireless Settings for Beetel and Binatone ADSL Modem /  Reset WiFi Password

Logon to your Beetel modem through browser ( IE or Firefox).
Type the following IP address in the IE Address bar.
IP - , username- admin, password - password(default)

1. Airtel WiFi Configuration for Beetel Modem

Go to -Wireless -> basic and enable the settings as shown below
SSID- you choice

Wireless Settings Airtel broadband Router Beetel Modem

 Go to Wireless -> security and select the ssid and enter your
 wpa pre-shared key - wirelesspassword

wifi modem configuration

wifi password config Airtel broadband Router Beetel Modem

Save the settings and reboot the ADSL router

Now go to your laptop - wireless network connection ->refresh network list

You will find the mywireless access point -> click on connect -> this will prompt for enter pass phrase

enter your key (wirelesspassword). Now modem will be connected to your laptop through wireless.

note:If the DHCP service was enabled on your modem, that will supply an IP address for your laptop.Or you have to enter an static ip

2. Airtel WiFi Configuration for Binatone Modem

Login to your Modem through web browser 
username- admin, 
password - password(default) or get it form Airtel

Go to Interface Setup -> Wireless and enter the details as shown below.

To reset the WiFi Password:

Enter the SSID - your choice
Pre shared-key - your choice

Airtel WiFi Configuration for Binatone Modem



  1. Hi dude,

    I'm from Haiti, and was googled for some articles about APN. By curiosity I want to know how these stuffs work, and I came up to this blog, I must tell you that I have actually a clear access modem home, so the Beetel Interface looks like the same. By the fact, I want to share sthg with u. I was able to change the admin password without knowing it thanks to the "USER" account. My CLEAR "ACCES MODEM" has three types of account which are": ADMIN, USER, SUPPORT, i dont know if it's the same for ur modem. Next week I'll send you some photos and the steps cuz I'm very busy these days. Here is my mail: