Recover from MI-Recovery or Fastboot mode in Xiaomi Redmi, Note, MI - Flash recovery Method

How to Exit from MI-Recovery Mode or Fastboot in Xiaomi Redmi S, Note , MI - Flash recovery Method

If your Redmi Phone Stuck in MI Recovery Mode of  Fastboot mode, you can recover it using the flash recovery method.

Note. This method will erase all the data in your phone memory and reset to factory default.
          Data stored in the memory card card will not be erased.

Flash Recovery Method:

1) Power off your mobile phone.
2) Download and Install MI PC Suite on your Computer.
3) Put your phone on fastboot mode
4) Press Power and Volume Down Button at the same time, this will put your phone in to fastboot mode.

Fastboot Redmi S1

5) Now Open MI PC Suit and connect your mobile to Computer using Mini USB Cable.
6) PC Suite will automatically detect your device and popup the window as shown below. Now Choose your device and press Next


7) Choose the desired sip package version and press Flash device, this will download the image form online and flash your mobile automatically.

Redmi Flash Recovery

redmi device flashed succesfuly

8) Once the device is flashed successfully you will see the above screen, press ok to reboot your device in the factory default mode.



  1. Not successful. After next warning comes and USB cable shows disconnected

  2. showing error "couldn't complete flash".... What should i do?

    1. For me also the same problem is happening. Could you please suggest ? Thanks in advance

  3. when phone connect it ask first phone start normal mode then it....but my redmi 1s start only in recovery mode please help me

  4. It did not help. There is no prompt to flash device. Also previously i used to get prompt to flash device which eventually used to give me error 'could not flash'.