How to enable Mobile WiFi Hotspot in Android Samsung Galaxy HTC Micromax Moto G Xperia Nexus

For Samsung Galaxy / HTC/ Google Nexus/ Micromax/ Motorola Moto G/E/X / Sony Xperia (Android Lollipop, Kitkat, Jellybean)

How to enable WiFi Hotspot tethering in Android Mobiles:

1. From the home screen of your Android, press the Menu key.
2.Touch Settings
3.Touch Wireless & networks (or) … more

Wireless & networks

4.Touch Tethering & mobile hotspot

Tethering & mobile hotspot

5.You will see a screen similar to the following. Now Touch Set up Wi-Fi Hotpsot To Modify Network name(SSID), Passowrd and Security.

Set up Wi-Fi Hotpsot

6. Now Enter your Network Name(Your Choice), Select the Security (WPA2 PSK), and enter a Password and save the settings.

Enter your Network Name

7. Touch Mobile WiFi hotspot (Or) Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to enable WiFi Hotspot.

How to enable Mobile WiFi hotspot

8. Now you can connect your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to another mobile or Laptop.