BSNL Broadband Wireless(WiFi) Configuration Step By Step Procedure

BSNL Broadband Wireless(WiFi) Configuration.

Log on to broadband modem( ADSL Router) through your favorite browser

Default Modem IP :
User Name – admin
Password – admin
Modem Model – Teracom
Model Name      T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI       
Firmware Version    
Hardware Version     Solos 4615 RD / Solos 461x CSP v1.0
Go to Configuration – > Wireless Network
Modify the configurations as shown in the below picture
Network Name – Your choice

WAP Pass Phrase – your secure password key (You have to enter while connecting wifi modem remotely)
Save the settings and reboot the modem

BSNL Broadband Wireless (WiFi) Configuration Step by Step

Now go to your laptop – wireless network connection ->refresh network list
You will find the mywireless access point -> click on connect -> this will prompt for enter pass phrase
enter your key (mykey).Now modem will be connected to your laptop through wireless.
note: If the DHCP service was enabled on your modem, that will supply an IP address for your laptop.Or you have to enter an static ip