EMC Clariion Storage Procedure for Creating Snapshot Snapview Clone Lun Morror View Admin Guide

EMC Clariion Snapshot Snapview Clone Lun | Admin Guide Backup demo

1.Create RAID Group and bind LUNs:
  -Snap Source
-2 caches LUNs.

EMC Snapshot Snapview Clone Lun

2.Right click Reserved LUN Pool > Configure > Add cache1 to SPA & cache2 to SPB

3.Create Storage Group (source) – Select Source LUN & host
4.Rescan Disk Management & allocate some files into the drive.
5.Right click Source LUN > SnapView > Create Snapshot

EMC Snapshot Snapview Clone Lun

6.Right click Source LUN > SnapView > Start SnapView Session

EMC Snapshot Snapview

7.Go to SnapView > Snapshots > Snapshot Name > Right click SnapName > Activate Snapshot 

8.Create Storage Group (target) – Select Snapshot and host
9.Rescan Disk Management & change some files. (Target)
10.Storage Group (source) – remove source LUN
11.Go to SnapView > Snapshots > Sessions > Right click SessionName > Start Rollback

12.Storage Group (source) – Select back the source LUN
13.Rescan Disk Management & verify the file modification.

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