ACS Alaska 4G APN settings for Android HTC

ACS Alaska APN settings for Android:

Alaska Communication Systems(ACS) Provides 3G CDMA network and coverage extends from the North Slope to Southeast Alaska.

ACS Alaska APN settings for Android /HTC:

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks-> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> New APN and enter the following details there

ACS Alaska

Name: ACS
APN: internet
Proxy: < Not Set >
Port: < Not Set >
Username: < Not Set >
Password: < Not Set >
Server: *
MMS Proxy : < Not Set >
MMS Port : < Not Set >
MCC: 310
MNC: 004
Authentication Type : < Not Set >
APN Type: internet, mms

If your Smartphone require a username and password to connect to the Internet, then you can use the following details.
Password: 907xxxxxxx

E-mail server settings:

Incoming server: pop.your domain
Outgoing server: smtp.your domain
Webmail: http://mymail.your domain
Username: Your full e-mail address

Please select the domain that matches your e-mail address:

If your e-mail domain is not listed you can use these server settings:

Incoming Server:
Incoming Port: 110
Outgoing Server:
Outgoing Port: 25
Username: Your full e-mail address

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